The power industry demands high availability, high reliability and high efficiency of their generating equipment, all in a cost effective manner. We at Merrick understand these needs and stand ready to serve you. Our team has a broad background in a number of power environments which means we can apply technologies and understandings from multiple areas to solve your problems. We have recent and relevant experience in:

  • Simple cycle and combined cycle natural gas generating stations,
  • Coal fired power plants,
  • Utility scale solar and wind installations, including site development and utility tie-ins,
  • Cogeneration facilities,
  • Advanced and renewable fueled generation facilities, including RDF, wood/pellets and other biomass, as well as gasifier systems.

Merrick executes projects in existing facilities as well as developing new projects. For retrofit projects, we work with our clients to assure outages and preparations are developed to minimize risk and durations. Our clients range from private owners to some of the largest utilities in the nation.

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Sub-station planning & design

Colorado Springs Utilities

Tri-State Gen & Transmission
Our power team has specific focus and expertise in 6 primary areas:

Plant Design: Merrick offers one-stop, full-service engineering, including process, mechanical, electrical, controls and instrumentation, structural, civil and water. Additionally we have a cadre of specialists and consultants we can draw from on an as-needed basis to address unique problems. Our plant design process includes all elements of project development including:
  • Feasibility, and Decision and Risk Analysis (D&RA) studies
  • Phase 1, FEED or Conceptual design studies including cost estimates
  • Detailed Engineering and Design
  • Procurement
  • Bidding, including bid evaluation
  • Construction administration and management
  • Commissioning and Startup

Nuclear Power
Merrick’s service offering to the nuclear power industry is in the front end (fuel manufacturing), middle (reactor operations), and back end (storage and recycling) of the nuclear fuel cycle. We design and fabricate custom equipment, systems, and facilities for plant maintenance, modernization, outages, and plant decontamination and decommissioning. Examples have included:

  • Vertical shielded storage and shipping containers for irradiated control rod drive mechanisms
  • A custom crane for deploying water jet peening technology for reactor vessel weld stress relief during outage
  • High pressure water jet pump skid for using reactor water for water jet peening system
  • Uranium enrichment process equipment and facilities
  • Used fuel recycling process equipment and facilities
  • Control Rod reverse engineering and manufacturing
  • Thermal shield upgrades
Renewable Resources: Renewable energy is a significant and growing part of the energy landscape. We have experience in solar, wind, biomass and hydro projects. Additionally we have experience in quasi-renewable projects such as those utilizing MSW and RDF.

Water Resources: Energy production is often highly linked to water resources, including water supply for production facilities as well as waste water and water treatment. Merrick has considerable experience solving these concerns including water supply treatment, and waste water treatment and compliance.

The Merrick Consultancy: Merrick has networked with numerous experts and consultants in various industries to provide an informal but highly efficient resource. We call this The Merrick Consultancy, and through it, we can provide highly targeted and cost effective consulting expertise for your specific project need, without the overhead necessary to retain a large staff of seasoned professionals.

High-Definition Survey and Digital Asset Management: The team has leveraged experience and capability from out geospatial services group to apply modern Lidar technology and data handling to the power industry. We can provide high resolution Lidar scans, point cloud processing to 3D model, and asset management services both to compliment your project or as a stand-alone service.

Energy Storage: Merrick is working closely with clients and suppliers in this emerging aspect of power generation. We can provide the services needed to either integrate power storage systems into an existing grid system or supporting the development of new energy storage systems. We have expertise in both these areas.
Our work methods follow stringent QA/QC procedures, and we draw from numerous industry standards. Tools include multi-discipline integrated 3D modeling, database driven primary document creation, Lidar and 3D scanning capabilities for efficient as-building of existing installations, powerful modeling and simulation tools and a thorough suite of project management tools.