The Merrick Consultancy

At Merrick, we take on challenging projects. Many are first of a kind, deploying cutting edge technologies to create new value and markets for clients. As a result, we often encounter novel challenges that require deep knowledge and experience to solve. Such challenges span the full value chain, from process and product conceptualization, through process design, to pilot and commercial scale troubleshooting. The Merrick Consultancy (TMC) is a network of subject matter experts we can bring to bear on such matters. To date, TMC has saved clients millions of dollars by getting to the heart of the problem and quickly coming to the right solution. Merrick’s consultants have many years of individual and cumulative knowledge and experience in a wide range of technical areas.

  • Decision and Risk Analysis – Using the science of decision making to identify and optimize key variables and guide a client’s business and technology direction.
  • Techno-Economic Modelling – Stochastic modeling to optimize project business performance.
  • Process Separations – PhD level expertise and years of field experience to solve the tough separations challenges to maximize process value.
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment – Expert knowledge of the latest technologies to solve one of the 21st century’s thorniest issues.
  • Renewable Energy Modelling – System modeling and evaluation of renewable energy generation platforms, including biomass, wind, photo-voltaic and concentrated solar power systems.
  • Refinery Engineering & Operations – Energy/Yield audits for increased profitability, and process engineering expertise down to the unit level.
  • Bioprocess Simulation – Process modeling of a range of thermochemical, fermentative and hybrid processes.
  • Lignin Utilization – Technical and economic evaluations for using lignin.
  • Bio-Derived Chemicals – Expertise in the processing of plant sugars to chemicals intermediates and polymer products.
  • Cold Weather Engineering – Program management and technical oversight in support of projects in the Antarctic and Arctic.

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