Power Line Assessments

NERC LiDAR Mapping & Clearance Analysis
Increasing demands on the U.S. power infrastructure and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) 2010 alert “identifying possible discrepancies between the design and actual field conditions of transmission facilities as a potential reliability issue that needs prompt industry attention” is causing increased interest in the field verification of existing “as-built” conditions and the implementation of needed corrective actions. Challenged with adhering to scheduling guidelines and potential upgrades to electric transmission systems, utilities and power providers can call upon Merrick & Company to quickly and efficiently respond to their needs.

To accommodate the demanding flight plans required for transmission corridor mapping, Merrick offers three state-of-the-art, multi-sensor data acquisition systems to capture current field conditions. The firm’s helicopter platform is specifically designed for low altitude maneuvering required for high point density and accurate corridor mapping. Merrick’s fixed-wing platforms can accommodate the often less rigorous right-of-way and route mapping projects. Both platforms provide the accuracy and efficiency benefits of LiDAR and simultaneous imagery collection. Many transmission owners and operators may also opt to integrate traditional surveying methods into their project. Merrick’s transmission corridor geospatial service offering provides the following advantages:

High level of accuracy
Rapid data collection, processing, and delivery
Delivery of PLS-CADD compatible data and models

Merrick completed a project with Idaho Power. Check out their video: Lasers & Helicopters Help Determine How Low is Too Low   http://youtu.be/CC5EQykBpDk.
National Security

Power transmission
corridor mapping

Transmission corridor mapping

Use of LiDAR for
NERC compliance

Merrick’s NERC compliance service offerings include:
High-Density LiDAR (helicopter, fixed wing & ground-based options)
Multiple imagery options (ortho, oblique, CIR, video)
In-house Professional Land Surveyors
Transmission line surveys to comply with NERC BES requirements (FAC 003, FAC 008, Oct. 7 NERC Alert)
Customizable in-house data production & analysis software
Enterprise GIS landbase integration & consulting
Meteorological data collection
PLS-CADD model delivery and analysis (clearance, line ratings, vegetation management, danger zone assessment)
Data collection throughout North America 

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