Merrick & Company has embraced geographic information systems (GIS) as it has proliferated into a vast array of disciplines and industries worldwide. Merrick has been an authorized business partner with Esri since 1991, and offers clients a range of GIS services including application development, data development, asset management and analysis, and GIS implementation.

In conjunction with geospatial capabilities, Merrick has successfully provided GIS services to clients in a variety of applications including:
  • Facilities Asset Management GIS
  • Oil & gas pipeline management, mapping, and analysis
  • Corridor and alignment GIS and mapping (pipeline, power delivery, water)
  • 3D Visualization
  • Web GIS application development

Merrick is forging relationships with key business partners, Novara GeoSolutions and Euclideon Unlimited, to help provide specialty GIS expertise.

Esri Business Partner

As part of our commitment to providing total geospatial solutions, Merrick maintains a long-standing business partnership with Esri, a global leader in GIS. Merrick is an authorized application developer and value-added desktop software retailer with access to the latest software, as well as, developer support allowing for rapid resolution.
Esri products utilitized
by Merrick:

ArcGIS Server™
Spatial Analyst™
3D Analyst™
LiDAR Analyst™
Network Analyst™

Complementary geospatial technologies include:
Satellite Imagery
Erdas Imagine™

Sales Contact
Josh Beck
TEL: +1 303-353-3715