With a focus on providing a comprehensive offering of surveying, mapping, and remote sensing services, Merrick & Company provides the following photogrammetric offering to meet our clients’ needs.
Digital orthophotography
Digital photogrammetric mapping
Aerial photography

Digital Orthophotography
The firm's orthophograpy data processing workflow system is completely integrated into its photogrammetric mapping and GIS processes and, during the project, Merrick's team uses some of the most advanced software to reigorously calculate and generate high resolution imagery. To accommodate client requirements, Merrick generates and delivers digital orthophotography data products that meet or exceed client specifications.

Digital Photogrammetric Mapping
Merrick, a leader in digital photogrammetric mapping, change detection and GIS database updating, tailors its data compilation activities to satisfy client specifications and to support GIS data integration. Utilizing an experienced geospatial team and the latest in softcopy photogrammetry technology, Merrick accurately and cost effectively compiles, edits, and delivers high accuracy planimetric and topographic data sets.

To achieve completeness and accuracy of each map product, Merrick enforces rigorous quality control (QC) measures that incorporate the use of verification software, survey check points and independent, manual editing. This QC process meets or exceeds the accuracy standards of the following geospatial organizations:

National Map Accuracy Standards (NMAS)
American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)
National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy (NSSDA)

Aerial Photography
To satisfy our client’s aerial photography needs, the Merrick team, highly experienced in flight planning, provides high resolution digital imagery acquisition services. Merrick can acquire oblique imagery, which supports the documentation of tall, vertical structures and color infrared (CIR) imagery, which is typically used to map vegetation and other natural features. In acquiring these types of  aerial imagery, Merrick:

  • Consults with clients on project specifications, data deliverables, flight plan, and camera parameters to ensure that the project plan meets client requirements
  • Fully inspects the acquired imagery to validate its compliance to client’s project specifications
  • Ensures the imagery  conforms to industry standards for weather conditions including, camera calibration,  side lap, forward lap, tilt, cloud coverage and sun angle
  • Provides an aerial imagery summary report that details all aspects of the aerial imagery acquisition, data processing steps and data deliverable production