Satellite Imagery

As an authorized reseller for DigitalGlobe, Merrick & Company offers clients the newest generation of satellite imagery and value-added geospatial products. While delivering this highly complex data and supporting technical materials, Merrick can also provide the following imagery services:

Orthophoto Rectification
Feature Extraction
Elevation Modeling
3-D Visualization
Web Distribution

DigitalGlobe is a leading global content provider of high-resolution world imagery solutions. Sourced from their own advanced satellite constellation and aerial network, their imagery solutions deliver real-world perspective to governments, businesses, technology developers, and humanitarian associations worldwide. The company’s imagery solutions consist of one of the world’s largest image libraries (growing at a rate of up to 1 million square kilometers per day and distributed and accessed through online search & retrieval), production-ready image layers, development toolkits for Internet-enabled applications and devices, and software solutions for integration with GIS products & services. DigitalGlobe currently operates the highest-resolution commercial satellite constellation with QuickBird and two next-generation satellites, WorldView-1 and WorldView-2.

DigitalGlobe Satellites, Cameras & Software Resources
QuickBird 60cm resolution, 5-Bands
WorldView-1 50cm resolution, panchromatic
WorldView-2 50cm resolution, 8 bands
Image Connect web mapping service
AirPhoto USA

DigitalGlobe Available Products
Basic Imagery
Standard Imagery
Orthorectified Imagery
Pervious/Impervious Surface Studies
Stereo Pair imagery collections
Image Connect Web Mapping Service
AirPhoto USA Aerial Imagery