Pipeline Surveying

Establishing the exact location of pipelines and other potentially hazardous infrastructure is important, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Beyond gathering critical data about factors that may affect pipeline operations, Merrick can identify terrain features and environmental restrictions to help mitigate project obstacles and ensure operational efficiency. Merrick understands that project safety and operational efficiency are equally important, so we focus on developing creative asset information solutions that minimize risk.


Merrick provides a fresh perspective on how advanced survey equipment, new geospatial technologies, and innovative project approaches can be effectively utilized to reduce the overall level of effort, increase accuracy, and integrate surveying / geospatial data into your organization's operations. Merrick pipeline survey offering includes:

  • Pipeline integrity management & risk assessment
  • Bridge & storage tank monitoring surveys; corrosion detection surveys
  • Right-of-way (ROW) analysis
  • Site / station topography
  • Stockpile quantity surveys (volume calculations)
  • Consulting on 3D CAD standards and data delivery requirements
  • Spill volume risk analysis for DoT regulatory compliance
  • Line-wide survey control network assessment
  • Slope monitoring surveys (conventional and HDS)

Pipeline Project Deliverables

  • Panoramic visual databases (PVDs)
  • Interior / exterior high-definition surveying (HDS)
  • Mainline plan & profile (P&P) drawings (stationing)
  • 3D pipe station alignment drawings
  • Mainline ROW and access road exhibits for land management
  • Underground right-of-way (ROW) utility SMART modeling with piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and line codes
  • Pump station as-builts; pump station master file updates
  • Mainline 3D centerline alignment file; compilation of mainline support structures

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John Wilhelm
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