Unmanned Airborne Services

Merrick & Company has added the capability to collect high-resolution imagery from a small, unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) with the RQ-84Z Areohawk UAV. This system is safe, efficient and cost-competitive in comparison to traditional fixed-wing / helicopter-based data collection platforms and terrestrial survey operations. The collected imagery can be efficiently processed to generate digital surface models, topography and imagery data products to integrate into both CAD and GIS systems.

Our new data acquisition platform is based out of Merrick’s subsidiary, Merrick México, which provides airborne mapping services in Latin America.

sUAS Applications

Merrick’s new sUAS offering provides an affordable and efficient data collection platform that can be deployed to support a wide variety of geospatial solutions. The system's operational flexibility can support mapping projects ranging from small, remote areas to long, winding corridors. The sUAS can generate typical geospatial data products including:
  • High-resolution, orthorectified digital imagery
  • Digital surface and elevation models (DSM / DEM) plus derivative geospatial products (ex. TINs)
  • Topography (elevation contours)
  • Dense point cloud data sets
These data products can be used to support governmental, infrastructure, agriculture, transportation and energy clients throughout the Latin American region.

sUAS Technical Specifications

The RQ-84Z Areohawk UAV is manufactured by Hawkeye UAV of New Zealand. For more information on this system, please use this link to access additional product documentation (PDF).


9.2 feet (2.8 m)

Weight (maximum):

9.3 lbs. (4.2 kg)

Cruise Speed:

37 miles per hour (60 km per hour)


90 minutes (maximum)


Sony NEX-7 (24 MP) digital camera with 15 mm F/4.5 Voigtländer lens


Optional color infrared (CIR) lens

Max. Horizontal Accuracy:

5 cm

Max. Vertical Accuracy 10 cm
Max. Image Resolution 3 cm


Electric motor powered by Lithium polymer batteries

sUAS Flight Operations

The RQ-84Z AreoHawk has been designed for the optimal acquisition of high-resolution color (RGB) imagery or color infrared (CIR) imagery. The sUAS is easily assembled, tested and launched by hand. There is no complicated or failure-prone launch equipment. Operated by a two (2) person crew, the complete AreoHawk system packs into two ruggedized cases, is transportable in the average utility or pickup truck and can be set-up and ready to fly within 25 minutes of reaching your project area.

The AreoHawk’s long flight duration, low acquisition altitude, wide-angle imagery capture and low speed stability make it an industry-leading photogrammetry and survey platform. In addition, the sUAS includes the following operational features:

  • Fully automated flight operations
  • Independent flight monitoring systems
  • Durable Kevlar construction
  • Hand launched with parachute recovery
  • Return on link failure

         Hawkeye sUAS in flight

 Hawkeye sUAS ready for takeoff

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