Geoverse Convert

As anyone that has used LiDAR or other point cloud data before knows, the datasets generated are typically large, cumbersome, and difficult to visualize or manage. Geoverse Convert solves all of these problems by converting data to Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail format which preserves quality while compressing data size.  This format can then be loaded into the Geoverse Massive Data Manager in less than a second for viewing – no matter the data size.

application features

  • Convert 3.5 billion points per hour to the Unlimited Detail format
  • Reduce data volumes to 5% - 20% of original size
  • Massive point cloud data sets can be merged into fewer files or a single file for easier data management
  • Support for data conversion in following point cloud data formats:
    • LAS, E57, TXT, XYZ, LAZ, FWS, FLS, XYB, PLY, PTS, PTX, llargebin
    • Generate a point cloud from OBJ files (polygonal data); rasterize the polygons to a desired resolution


SALES Contact

Josh Beck
TEL: +1 303-353-3715

Geoverse Convert