Geoverse Massive Data Manager

Geoverse Massive Data Manager is a software application that can load and visualize ANY amount of laser scanned data on an ordinary desktop computer. This solution empowers the end-user to manage and view massive scan models that are stored in a central repository on the user’s local hard drive, networked server, or secured cloud storage.

application features

  • View at an average screen refresh rate of 30 frames per second
  • Synchronized 2D and 3D navigation
  • View entire models at full resolution and  in real time
  • Data accessed locally or from URL internet path
  • 3D measuring with point snapping as well as slant distances, true vertical, and true horizontal distances
  • Red-blue anaglyphic stereoscopic 3D display mode available
  • Free and elevation-locked camera navigation modes
  • Bookmarking available with the ability to specify a separate dataset per bookmark
  • 3D labels with hyperlinking capabilities, exportable to CSV
  • Ability to record and playback a flight / drive path
  • Display position under mouse cursor
  • Ability to export regions of data to LAS
  • Data navigation support for mouse or Xbox controller
  • Bing and Open Street Maps background streaming available


geoverse images

Interstate Interchange
Highway Infrastructure
Transmission Line Corridor
Transmission Line Corridor

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