Geoverse Software Development Kit (SDK)

Euclideon’s Geoverse software development kit provides all functionality of the Converter and the Massive Data Manager to be used in existing applications through custom programming integration.  End users can access the power of the Unlimited Detail technology in third party software products while benefiting from existing application features, functions, tools, etc.  Client and application specific consulting and programming support are available upon request.

SDK features

  • udRuntime
    • Core module with base types, initialization and resource management
    • Render Application Programming Interface (API) for UDS and UDG Euclideon file formats

  • udConvert
    • Data conversion API for converting common geospatial data formats to UDS and UDG data formats
    • Supported industry formats include:
      • LAS
      • E57
      • TXT
      • XYZ
      • LAZ
      • FWS
      • FLS
      • XYB
      • PLY
      • PTS
      • PTX
      • llargebin
    • Support for rasterizing polygonal data obtained from a OBJ file at a desired resolution
    • Support for merging new data with existing datasets
    • Plugin API allowing the user to create their own data format importers

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Unlimited Detail SDK (udSDK)