MARS® Quality Control (QC) Module - USGS NGP Version 1.2

Merrick has updated the USGS National Geospatial Program (NGP) section of the QC Module to verify compliance of lidar data deliverables to the Lidar Base Specification (Version 1.2) as published by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The entire QC Module is included in the MARS® Explorer QC and MARS® Production license levels. The QC Module supports Merrick's internal data production workflow requirements, as well as our clients' QC needs during data acceptance. The output of the automated QC analysis includes summary and detailed QC reports that our clients can use to efficiently identify and mitigate data quality issues.


  • Automates quality control analysis for ALL files of a LiDAR point cloud dataset – no file sampling!
  • Generates summary and detailed QC reports that provide graphical, tabular, and derivative product QC analysis results
  • Supports multi-thread data processing to improve QC analysis performance
  • Users can customize QC analysis by selecting QC tasks / parameters to match project requirements
  • Automatically documents QC analysis parameters to ensure analysis consistency
  • Supports analysis of multi-channel LiDAR sensor data

Input Datasets

  • Boresighted (swath) LiDAR data in LAS format
  • Classified (tiled) LiDAR data in LAS format
  • Project Tile Scheme (Esri polygon shapefile)
  • Project Boundary file (Esri polygon shapefile)
  • Ground Control Checkpoints (CSV file)


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