Innovation for a changing world -that’s what you’ll find at Merrick.  Through a focus on multiple, well-defined markets, Merrick takes on the challenges of providing new thinking for new challenges as the world continues its evolution to a global economy.  Engineering, architecture, design-build, surveying, planning, and geospatial solutions – that’s where you’ll reap the benefits of working with teams who stay current with market and business trends and constantly evaluate processes and systems to deliver an ever-increasingly valuable outcome.  When you’re ready to work with a team who is committed to projects and services that meet your specific needs in this demanding and changing world, it’s time to call Merrick. 

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Ruben Cruz receives
SAME Award

Teamwork and understanding are crucial to great projects

The annual Merrick Way Awards recognize individual and team achievement

Innovation at work

The Merrick Consultancy
The Consultancy serves its clients, beginning to end, with services ranging from assessing the feasibility of opportunities and developing the appropriate project to leverage a specific technology to developing cost effective, profit producing systems, maximizing operational effectiveness, and increasing financial performance and profitability.  Senior professionals and consultants provide counseling to clients on those challenges that may be keeping a company from its maximum potential and growth.  Developing viable solutions and increasing company values are the objectives as the Consultancy's experts delve into improving operations, financial strength or company value.

Lessons Learned
To continually improve upon internal processes and define better methods for delivering solutions to clients, Merrick conducts a monthly "Lessons Learned" competition. Staff members from all levels of the company can submit their lessons learned story with a winning solution recognized with an award.

The Innovation Lab
Merrick staff also have the opportunity to submit new and innovative ideas to a panel for judging.  These may be new inventions, new methods for completing projects or a new process that may enhance Merrick's service offerings.  Winners are rewarded and ideas may be advanced further to test viability for market delivery.

Merrick Learning Institute
Merrick is committed to ongoing education and the increase of talent and capabilities within the firm.  To that end, Merrick commits 2% of annual net revenue to the Merrick Learning Institute.  Those funds support tuition reimbursement and in-house training.