Notable Solutions

It’s no longer just planning and design for our profession.  In order to best serve clients, it’s imperative that professionals understand and serve the full needs of those who come to us for solutions – from solving issues that haven’t been encountered before to understanding how solutions fit in with overall economic drivers for a client.  Our feature of Notable Solutions which will update on a regular basis, may provide you with some insights that assist you in identifying and solving issues in your organization that are affecting performance, growth or opportunity.
Bioprocessing Client
Merrick assisted a downstream process team with a liquid-to-liquid extraction technology including solvent selection and the solvent recovery scheme.  The firm also recommended the type of extractor column for greatest efficiency at the lowest overall cost and helped to develop the Basis of Design to support the process simulation effort and the subsequent sizing of equipment.
Refining Client
Merrick co-led a yield and energy audit for a refinery client.  During the two-week audit over 50 energy reduction and 15 yield opportunities were identified. One of the yield opportunities was implemented during the audit and that one improvement more than paid for the two week audit activities.

National Security Facilities
Merrick's architectural group is in the process of completing several projects including:
  • Rend Lake Visitor Center achieved 48% energy efficiency through strong design and integrated solutions
  • Ft Carson MI COF, a design-build project acquired LEED Gold
  • Dobbins ARB ATCT, a design-build project with a challenging program that recently registered as LEED Gold
  • 716th MP COF, Ft Campbell accomplished a 45% energy savings

Life Sciences Client/Government Agency
Building new facilities is only part of the job . . . the risks of haz mat remediation are a critical part of many projects. Merrick recently assisted a government agency in determining the biological and chemical hazards and risks involved in the demolition of 40 year old facilities and waste lines to be removed as part of a large campus modernization project. The firm provided expert, science-based consultation and risk assessment, field testing, detailed construction phasing recommendations and costs estimates for the work to provide a safe and regulatory-compliant end solution.


Profit improvement audits identify opportunities for increasing revenues

A 48% energy efficiency was achieved on Rend Lake