Merrick has continually built its expertise in biocontainment lab commissioning and is considered a specialist in this field for federal, university, institutional, and private sector clients. Merrick is a “Commissioning Provider Firm” registered with the Building Commissioning Association, signifying that Merrick is staffed with professionals who are dedicated to the growth and education of the commissioning industry and who regularly provide training at a variety of industry events. The firm provides commissioning services for:
Laboratories (research, diagnostics, containment)
Sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIF)
Process/production facilities (bioprocessing plants, hazardous waste)
Renewable energy laboratories
Nuclear facilities
Environment controlled facilities
Central utility plants

Commissioning Services
Commissioning plan preparation
Design review
Scheduling of Cx activities & integration into construction schedule
Preparation of commissioning specifications for building systems
Documents review
Inspections, field reports, master issues log
Construction management
Owner’s representation
Operations & maintenance
Functional test development and execution (normal and failure modes)
Review of building systems & troubleshooting
Preparation of documents for LEED® compliance
Electronic management of project and commissioning data
Forensic Investigation

University of Guelph commissioning

Lab commissioning

Commissioning for Pirbright UK
The firm also provides on-site coordination for HVAC integration, mock-up testing of various components, and computerized as-built drawings of contractor- markups. In support of on-going operations, Merrick also provides maintenance planning, development of standard operating procedures, and re-commissioning services. 
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