Consulting Advisory Board (CAB)

The Merrick Consultancy (TMC) was established to provide access by our clients to world-class expertise, capitalizing on our decades of connections with industry leaders and subject matter experts in specialized knowledge bases.   

Biosafety and Biosecurity professionals have provided decades of guidance for laboratories working with potentially dangerous infectious materials, but with emerging challenges related to developing technologies, biothreats, and increased scrutiny from the public and international governments the need has never been greater to provide solid leadership and technical assistance on this issue. In response, Merrick & Company is proud to provide our clients and the community with access to the Biosafety and Biosecurity Consulting Advisory Board (BS&S CAB).

The international science community requires access to the best thought-leadership and laboratory operations expertise available, to address some of the most complex issues facing life sciences today. As such, the BS&S CAB will 1) address advancing BS&S issues, and raise awareness, 2) serve as a hub for the generation of thought-leadership publications to benefit the greater industry, 3) host and lead community events, in conjunction with other notable associations, to educate communities on advancing topics, and 4) provide technical support to the Merrick client base. Unique to the Merrick BS&S CAB is the diversity of expertise. Perhaps for the first time, the BS&S CAB represents professionals with expertise in biosafety, biosecurity, threat management, developing technologies, law enforcement, and international reach into countless resources of valuable information. The result of this composition is true biorisk management.  

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Whether you are a Merrick client or not, we want the BS&S CAB to be a resource for you. We encourage you to reach out for further information.

Ryan N. Burnette, Ph.D.