Denver Firm’s River Wave Named Top 5 in World

Sole U.S. Design Team at International Conference to Share Vision for River Surfing

Denver-based McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group (MWDG), a division of Merrick & Company, is thrilled to have learned that the river wave that serves as the centerpiece for the Boise (Idaho) River Park has been applauded as one of the world’s ‘Top Five’ river surfing waves and heads the list for man-made waves in North America according to GrindTV.
MWDG will present on the future of river surfing wave design at the Forum Flusswellen in Nuremberg, Germany on July 15-16. It is the only U.S. company to be invited to this prestigious conference, hosted by Bavarian Chamber of Engineers Germany.
"We are honored to be given this opportunity to discuss what we have learned with the best minds in European river wave design, and hope our expertise can help advance the industry and sport," said Ben Nielsen, a designer of the Boise River Park who will be presenting at the conference.  
Boise a vibrant surf community includes a surf shop and surfboard shapers, some 500 miles from any ocean, and the reason is twofold: the Boise River flows all year long, and the innovative park features two patented Wave Shapers, which can be adjusted in real time to create standing waves all year round at any river flow, and for surfers of all skill levels.
"Boise was ground zero for river surfing projects in America. It showed that if you build it they will come. We have multiple river surfing projects in the pipeline right now because of the success in Boise, including a surf wave on the South Platte River, and we're really excited about helping to shape the future of river surfing in the U.S. We are excited about sharing the utilization of our WaveShaper technology abroad by connecting with river engineers in Nuremburg!”