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Market Sectors

Energy & Chemicals
National Security
Life Sciences

GeoSpatial Solutions

Environmental/Water Resources
Local/State Government
NERC Compliance

Office Locations

New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina
Washington, DC
Ontario, Canada
United Kingdom 

Number of Employees: 550

Chairman and CEO:  David G. Huelskamp
President:  Christopher Sherry, PE 

Year Founded: 1955

Mission:  Through imagination, innovation, and collaboration we create value for our clients, employee-owners, and society.

Vision Statement:  In 2020, Merrick & Company will be a growing, employee-owned firm providing advisory, design, management, and operations solutions to meet energy, security, life sciences, infrastructure, and emerging challenges worldwide.

During these recent volatile times, Merrick continuously builds its presence in the markets it serves, while testing new initiatives to take the firm to the next level and position for the future.  Much of the fuel that drives Merrick’s growth lies in the following: 
  • Highly strategic long-term planning with annual programs that integrate into the firm’s long term 2020 vision
  • Zero to minimum debt, even during the great recession
  • Continual monitoring of performance metrics and implementation of adjustments to keep the firm on course
  • Use of a strategic initiative program to identify new opportunities and test drive those possible opportunities prior to full financial investment
  • Employee ownership since the firm’s inception meaning employees have some “skin in the game”
  • Involvement in diverse markets to balance out market risk

In a market that has been particularly hard on professional services, Merrick continues to thrive.  The firm has been able to balance out extreme swings in revenues through a strategic placement of the firm in a diverse range of high demand and well-funded markets that allows Merrick to maintain a strong, yet steady momentum towards its 2020 vision.

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