Commercial Nuclear

Building upon 30 years of service to the nuclear market and the completion of over $3 billion TIC of nuclear equipment and facilities designed, Merrick’s team is continually sought out to provide planning, analysis, engineering, and design-fabrication services for nuclear clients. Merrick’s focus covers the life cycle of the nuclear utility, government, and competitive commercial nuclear market place including:
  • Uranium enrichment facilities
  • Fuel manufacturing & re-processing facilities
  • Reactor life extension
  • Reactor new builds/BOP
  • Research reactors & associated facilities
  • Isotope production facilities
  • SNF storage facilities
  • Used fuel management systems
The firm’s engineering and specialty equipment services include:
  • Architectural design & mechanical, electrical/I&C, nuclear & civil engineering
  • Commercial grade dedication & dedicated equipment supply
  • Equipment qualification testing & system commissioning
  • Reverse engineering
  • Measurement uncertainty recapture & power uprates
  • High definition scanning/remote sensing/LiDAR
Plant life extension:
  • PLEX license amendment program commitment verification and validation
  • Plant age management/refurbishment programs
  • Analog-to-digital monitoring and control upgrades
  • Custom equipment/component design and reverse engineering for nuclear safety related, items relied on for safety, and balance of plant systems
  • High definition surveying and site metrology (including high dose environments)
  • Multi-spectral aerial mapping and surveying (fixed and rotary wing platforms)
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