Merrick & Company provides design and design-fabrication services to US government agencies for nuclear facilities, systems, and equipment for specialized nuclear and chemical material processing, handling, treatment, production, manufacturing, and research for the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). 

Bolas Grande Specialty Enclosure
Isotope Production Facility construction
Spallation Neutron Source
The firm’s work portfolio includes:
  • Radioactive & hazardous material manufacturing/processing/handling equipment systems & facilities research & development equipment, systems & facilities
  • Radioactive waste handling/processing equipment, systems & facilities treatment, storage & disposal equipment, systems & facilities
  • Research equipment, systems & facilities
  • Fuel manufacturing systems, equipment & facilities
  • Treatment systems & equipment
  • Design-fabricate of radioactive material equipment & systems
  • Spent nuclear fuel handling/storage systems & equipment
  • Specialized nuclear manufacturing systems
  • Neutron beam shielding & equipment
  • Modular & structural hot cells
  • Gloveboxes & enclosures
  • Radioactive chemical laboratories (Rad-Lab)
  • Controlled environmental test chambers
  • Specialized research equipment
  • Auxiliary systems for reactor & accelerator research facilities
These services are provided under an audited and mature (15 years) ASME NQA-1 Quality Program that covers design, fabrication, and construction of nuclear facilities and systems in the United States, and a N286.2 Quality Program for the design of nuclear facilities and systems in Canada.

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