Merrick & Company maintains a solid reputation for delivering exceptional architectural and interior design services to government, research, university, military, private sector, and industrial clients. The firm’s extensive resume ranges from the planning and design of technically sophisticated high containment laboratories and research facilities to government office buildings; military training complexes and quality-of-life facilities;  private sector industrial, office, manufacturing, and warehouse projects. Merrick also has developed in-depth understanding of energy conservation issues at military and government facilities and has been at the forefront of providing energy solutions to clients like the DoD, in meeting these types of new demands. Merrick is unique in that it provides capabilities in all three components of Net Zero Energy: Energy Efficiency, Transmission, and Renewable Energy. Because Merrick is a multi-disciplinary, multi-market, architect-engineering firm, it can provide Net Zero Energy solutions at any stage in the process.
Merrick’s architects and interior designers are experienced at identifying client needs and program requirements and translating that knowledge into responsive design solutions. Communication is the key: through workshops, charrettes, and client interaction as well as tapping into the extensive knowledge base found within the multiple disciplines in the firm.  Merrick’s design team consistently delivers functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable solutions.
Architectural Design

Interior Design

LEED® & Sustainable Design

Merrick’s talented architects, in close collaboration with the firm’s mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural engineers, incorporate sustainable design principles into projects on an ongoing basis. As a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the firm currently has over 60 LEED® Accredited Professionals who have been involved in the design and construction of LEED® qualified facilities.

CAD & Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Project design, animation, visual databases, site integration tools, and BIM are all components of Merrick’s architecture and interior design capabilities and services. The firm maintains the latest technology in order to allow clients to clearly visualize the end product during the planning and design phases and utilize highly intelligent BIM models for ongoing operations and maintenance functions.


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Interior design
Cost estimating
Construction administration