Planning Services

Merrick provides land planning services for mixed-use, residential, urban development, and education projects.  The firm understands the many challenges facing developers in today's environment and our team is prepared to work closely with client to address these many challenges.  From tight budgets and short schedules to developing projects that are financially sound and sustainable, the Merrick team will partner with you and provide you with a cohesive team to serve your needs.
Master Planning

Master Planning

Our philosophy regarding the land development market is simple.  It is our intention to develop and maintain long-term, partnering relationships with select clients with quality reputations.  By working with a few select clients, Merrick is able to provide consistent and high quality service.  By committing to a long-term relationship, we can dedicate a team and better maintain the integrity of that team for the duration of the relationship.

Approval Processing
Through the years, Merrick has developed strong relationships with many agencies in the Rocky Mountain region and Southeast US.  These relationships support our land development planning work and approval processing of your development project.

When we venture into jurisdictions that are not fully familiar with Merrick's personnel, brief introductory meetings are held to introduce our team, confirm schedule parameters, and confirm submittal requirements of that municipality or agency. Should time constraints be of significant importance to the project, Merrick will work with an outside consultant to assist in obtaining agency approvals.


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