For over 60 years, Merrick has been serving the needs of public and private clients with effective and innovative water, sanitation, flood control, river and stream improvements, and river recreational facilities.  Merrick’s work has positioned the firm as a thought leader in the complex world of water resources.  

Surface water/storm drainage
Merrick addresses today’s challenges through a full suite of service offerings and a specialization in the planning, design, and construction of drainage and flood control projects, river/stream restoration and improvements, water supply intakes, diversions, and hydrologic/hydraulic studies. We strive to see beyond the obvious solution and deliver projects that are sustainable, cost effective, and multi-purpose in nature.

Merrick’s water and wastewater engineers thrive when presented problems that address challenges our clients are facing with respect to limited water resources, deteriorated infrastructure, and a changing and strict regulatory environment. We offer a full spectrum of water and wastewater engineering services and we pride ourselves in delivering projects that solve modern problems while maintaining and taking full advantage of the client’s existing system.

Whitewater Recreation
   • Recreational facilities
   • River restoration
   • Fish passage

Development of
water resources

Engineering for
water resources

Ken Matthews, PE
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Drinking Water
Water supply development
Water intakes/transmission
Water treatment
Water distribution/storage

Wastewater collection
Wastewater treatment
Water reclamation

Surface Water
Storm drainage/flood  control
River engineering
  • Stream restoration
  • Fish passage facilities
  • Whitewater recreation

Hydraulic Modeling

Asset Management

System Condition Assessment & Rehabilitation

Utility Management Planning

Construction Management & Observation