Centerra Metropolitan District No. 1 Campus Engineer

Centerra Metropolitan District | Loveland, Colorado

Merrick currently serves as the Campus Engineer for the Centerra Metropolitan District No. 1 serving the Centerra development in Loveland, Colorado. Centerra is a mixed-use development that includes single family residential, multifamily residential, office parks, retail/commercial parks, medical parks, industrial parks, and open space areas. The Centerra development encompasses more than 3,000 acres in total boundary, including approximately 1,860 total acres within the District boundary and 840 undeveloped acres.

As campus engineer, Merrick maintains a comprehensive working knowledge of all utility, drainage, and transportation master planning throughout Centerra, providing design services for major infrastructure improvements, civil engineering and surveying support, and GIS mapping support.

Pedestrian connectivity is planned throughout the development and incorporated with the master planning efforts to ensure appropriate consideration up front. In addition, a future Bus Rapid Transit station will connect to the trail network and provide multi-modal accessibility throughout the Centerra campus.

Major infrastructure challenges include multiple irrigation storage ponds and conveyance ditches, electrical transmission lines, oil and gas wells, and major drainageways through the property. In addition to the District services, Merrick also supports the real estate side of Centerra with due diligence services for prospective third-party developers and preparation of property exhibits, plats and legal descriptions.


Civil Engineering;Mixed Use Land Development; Transportation Master Planning; Utilities; Drainage; Surveying; GIS Mapping
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