McLean Master Plan and Design Services

NW Lake Wylie, LLC | Belmont, NC

Merrick & Company is providing design, engineering, permitting and construction administration services for multiple neighborhoods within the larger McLean master plan, which was also developed by Merrick. The McLean Development is a 670-acre mixed-use community with an extensive network of open space connected to paved and nature trails, a marina, as well as a proposed 10-acre public park.

The master plan included a network of approximately 31,000 linear feet of trails that would provide pedestrian access to the various neighborhoods, open spaces, amenities and connect to the Carolina Thread Trail. 13,000 linear feet of trails have been constructed to date. An additional 6,600 linear feet of trail are designed and ready for construction. The remaining 11,000 linear feet are in the planning stages.

This project involved coordination with the Carolina Thread Trail and Catawba Lands Conservancy staff on potential connection points, connection design and review of existing trail locations. Three new neighborhoods are currently in the design and permit phase.


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