United States Marine Corps Memorial

USMC Memorial Association | Golden, CO

Originally completed in 1977, the United States Marine Corps Memorial in Golden, Colorado was the realization of a dream long held by SSgt Cyrus “Bo” Bowers, a veteran of World War II and Korea. Wartime military experience left him with the conviction that being a “special breed” and that the Marines who have served in the Corp deserved a fitting recognition of their sacrifice and service. Today, an opportunity exists to create a higher-quality, nationally-recognized dedication to the United States Marine Corps that is evocative, timeless, and befitting of the men and women it honors.
The proposed memorial improvements were inspired by multiple visioning workshops with both active duty and veteran Marines who generously and enthusiastically provided their thoughts about what a memorial should be and what their service meant to them. The feedback received from these workshops was inspiring and diverse with the common theme being the camaraderie of their brotherhood and the bonds developed before, during, and after war.
The proposed master plan for the United States Marine Corps Memorial will expand the dedication to provide an interpretive history of the Corps, a dedication to the fallen Colorado Marines, and a tribute to the “path to service” that led these men and women to enlist. The original center plaza will be retained and enhanced and additional access walks will be installed that both radiate from and spiral to the plaza area. Three primary access walks to the center plaza are aligned along a “forced perspective” that gradually reduces in scale to further emphasize the center plaza dedication.


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