Merrick Advanced Remote Sensing Software (MARS®)

Merrick’s Advanced Remote Sensing (MARS®) software was developed to support our airborne data acquisition. MARS® is a powerful stand-alone Windows application designed to visualize, manage, process, and analyze LiDAR point cloud data. It is functional and accessible for both new users and experienced data production professionals and its performance and stability are exceptional.

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Key Features:

  • Unlimited data loading capacity for airborne, terrestrial, and mobile LiDAR datasets
  • Supports LiDAR, imagery, and GIS vectors
  • Batch production of digital surface models and elevation contours
  • Automated LiDAR quality control module
  • Multi-thread data processing
  • 31 LiDAR data filtering algorithms and 22 data export formats

Explore our lineup of MARS® products:



Free viewing application

Supports basic LiDAR data navigation and 3D visualization

Unlimited data loading

No license required



Free 30-day trial version

Automated data production functions

Data import/export capabilities

LAS total file size limitation of 1 GB



Robust commercial version

Enhanced visualization capabilities

LiDAR data classification

Multi-thread processing


Explorer QC

All functionality of MARS® Explorer

Includes Merrick’s automated LiDAR quality control (QC) module (featuring USGS NGP LBS – 2022 rev. A, data checks, calibration checks, and more)

Generates detailed and summary QC reports that save significant time & money

Unlimited number of threads for multi-threading operations



Production-grade version of MARS®

All the functionality of MARS® Explorer QC

Breakline compilation and editing capability

Advanced production-level tools

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