A Sense of Place through Creative Planning and Design

Merrick’s landscape architects create innovative, efficient land planning and design solutions that provide a sense of place while exceeding the needs of land development, local government, and federal clients.

Our talented and diverse team specializes in masterplanned communities and parks and recreation. In addition to traditional landscape architecture and land planning expertise, we offer our clients expertise in virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) and nature-based design solutions.

Our team excels in finding solutions that exceed our clients expectations, enhance communities, and bring a sense of place to the environments we create.

Expertise in:

We focus on your needs and user needs to provide a creative solution that addresses both and incorporates our understanding of the land. We provide expertise in:

Master Planned Communities

Parks and Recreation

Project Visualization

Land Planning to Meet Project Needs

Our master plans grow out of our deep understanding of the land and the processes that impact it, as well as our experience working with developers to meet their needs and achieve successful projects. We layer our experience and creativity on this foundation to produce efficient, implementable master plans. Our master plans are balanced with environmental conditions and evolving jurisdictional requirements. We do this with our unique approach—working hand-in-glove with our civil engineering team members throughout the creative planning process.

Enhancing Communities with Trails, Parks, and Open Spaces

Open spaces are vital to the health and well-being of our communities. Our commitment to creating responsible, sustainable communities is driven by our desire to create safe, meaningful parks and greenways. Our team brings years of experience creating public parks and open spaces, including the playground experience. We bring our nature-based expertise and believe this approach promotes childhood development through a more natural playground design.

Enhancing Rivers and Water Recreation

Whitewater recreation is an extension of our parks and greenway planning. This market specialization is complimented by our relationship with our in-house experts who design, engineer, and permit whitewater features in rivers. We partner with whitewater engineers to provide site analysis, site evaluation, and recreation planning.

Experience Your Project Before Completion

Our team continues to push the bounds of current technology in the VR/AR field. Our unique expertise in this realm provides our clients with three-dimensional visualizations that capture the experience, from complete immersion with a headset to simple project fly-throughs. We have created models for diverse clients beyond the field of landscape architecture including nuclear research and oil and gas.

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