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Using the Elements of Public Health Risk Assessment to Define ‘Returning to Work’ Strategies Under COVID-19


The U.S. and world are likely many months from achieving widespread COVID-19 vaccinations or herd immunity. However, many companies are faced with the decision of if, when, and how to safely allow employees back into the workplace amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this free webinar is to provide companies with workplace reentry considerations and strategies based on the tenets of Public Health Risk Assessment (PHRA) methodologies. Understanding the risk profile of your workplace will result in site-specific guidance that will bolster the confidence of your organization to resume operations, partially or in whole, in a science-based, safest-possible approach. This webinar will provide the details of useful PHRA principles that can be adapted and applied to augment your company’s approach to “getting back to work.” The webinar is developed and led by the Merrick & Company Science & Technology leadership, staffed by public health, epidemiology, and biorisk management professionals. Watch the recorded presentation here.
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