Confluence Park on the South Platte River

Urban Drainage and Flood Control District | Denver, Colorado

Originally built in 1974 to provide safe recreation passage at a dam, Confluence Park was rebuilt in 1995 to lower the regulatory flood plain. As a result, a large land area of lower downtown Denver was made available for development, spurring nearly $4 billion in private development. It is a low-maintenance run of river urban park with virtually no operation cost.

  • Grouted rock construction withstands significant flooding without damage.
  • Continuously moving waters resist unwanted sediment accumulation.
  • Downstream reach is stable and has experienced no significant bed degradation.

The open and straightforward rapids dissipate 8 feet of hydraulic drop over 400 feet and are rated a Class III by whitewater guidebooks. The park has been in use for 30 years by skilled and unskilled users without serious injury.


Engineering; Engineering (Conceptual, Preliminary, and Final Design); Hydraulic Modeling and Analysis; Owner’s Representation during Construction
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