Laboratory Operational and Transitional Planning

Washington State University (WSU) | Pullman, WA

Moving a state-of-the-art, diagnostic biolaboratory into a new building is no easy task. Washington State University recently completed construction on the new Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL) and faced the momentous task of moving the existing laboratory operations into their new 61,000-square-foot facility. Understanding the complexity of a move like this, Merrick collaborated with the client to provide laboratory operational and transitional planning services, ensuring a seamless transition for their people, operations, and equipment, allowing the client to focus on maintaining operational continuity. WADDL focuses on disease diagnostics for livestock, aquatic animals, poultry, and pets with the goal of safeguarding the state from infectious disease.

“Your assistance in the planning and moving process was all-important to the WADDL move. It is remarkable to me that on day 1, WADDL in its new home looked and felt like a working lab. With COVID-19 related rules and anxiety, supply chain delays, WSU implementing workday at the worst possible time for us, etc., etc., we actually made the move incredibly well. You should feel good being an integral part of that success.” – Tim Baszler, DVM, PhD Executive Director, Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Key services included:
Integrated Operations Schedule (IOS)
Transition plan
Master Equipment List (MEL)
Master schedule coordination
Merrick on-site representative to plan and coordinate the physical move

Read WSU’s press release here.



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