Fueling the Future

Your biofuels, biochemicals, and renewable natural gas projects are fueling a more sustainable future and reducing carbon emissions. Our experts are passionate about projects like yours that result in biosolutions to better our world. We’re your partner as you develop a sustainable path forward for our planet and drive progress towards a net zero world. No matter your project type, our team has the expertise needed to optimize your biological, thermochemical, or hybrid process facility. Our full range of capabilities, from detailed design and front-end loading (FEL) engineering to startup and commissioning, will make it easy to streamline your project. We’ll leverage our anaerobic digestion (AD) and world-class bioprocessing expertise to transform your waste or energy source into sustainable products, all while reducing your carbon emissions and helping you meet your net zero goals.

Your Partner from Conceptual Design to Startup and Commissioning

Our biofuels, biochemicals, and RNG experts will help you:

  • Develop your ideas from initial concept all the way to product delivery
  • Optimize your design to meet net zero goals
  • Implement cost saving measures
  • Streamline production processes
  • Select the best equipment and technology for every process
  • Take advantage of regional and federal low-carbon fuel incentives

Designing for A Net Zero World

Our bioprocessing experts will help you develop designs that minimize your project’s carbon intensity (CI) score, bringing us closer to a net zero future. Reducing energy consumption is a pillar of lowering your CI score—our experts will help you optimize heat recovery systems and operating conditions across your entire facility to minimize your energy consumption. We’ll also optimize your equipment layout and water reuse within your facility to ensure you’re getting the most out of your resources while lowering your CI score.




Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas

Our team is experienced in using AD and biogas processing technology to reduce wet waste material (like wastewater, biosolids, food waste, and animal manure) that strains U.S. landfills every year. And not only will we help you process the waste, but we’ll also help you transform the resulting biogas into RNG and take advantage of energy incentives like the RFS and the LCFS.



Biofuels and Biochemicals

Whether your project is a greenfield, brownfield, or retrofit, our biofuels and biochemicals experts will help you optimize your facility. We have experience with a wide variety of feedstocks, technologies, and products, as well as with the design of biological, thermochemical, and hybrid process facilities. And with a full range of in-house capabilities, we’re your partner through every step of your project.



Process is Key

Optimizing your project’s process is key when designing or modifying your bioprocessing facility. Our team has experience designing and implementing process systems of all types from standalone to bolt-on to modular form.

We also have expertise with a wide variety of process systems, including:

  • Municipal Solid Waste Processing
  • Continuous and Batch Fermentation
  • Hydrothermal Liquefaction
  • Advanced Liquid Product Separation
  • Pyrolysis
  • Electrolysis/Green H2
  • Fisher-Tropsch Gasification
  • 2nd GenerationEthanol Production
  • Syngas Fermentation & Cleanup
  • Acid Hydrolysis
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