Your Expert on the Inside

Bring our expertise into your operations with a project team that understands your manufacturing facility inside and out. We understand you and how you do business so we can anticipate your needs and create tailored solutions for your facility. Our complete array of in-house services makes it simple to coordinate your entire project from start to finish.

We build one project team that remains with you through the life of your project, allowing us to develop a thorough understanding of your operations that helps us find the best ways to streamline your processes. And we deliver quality engineering documentation every time, keeping your costs, operation downtime, and client disruption to a minimum.

Find out how we can optimize your manufacturing operation’s efficiency.

Expertise for Every
Facility Type

Our team of industrial manufacturing experts have experience in a wide variety of facility types, including:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Defense/Aerospace
  • Truck/Heavy Equipment
  • Pet Care
  • Construction Materials
  • Plastics
  • Paper Mills
  • Chemicals
  • Steel Mills
  • Foundries
  • Machine/Plate Shops
  • Blasting/Painting
  • Equipment Manufacturing

Minimize Disruption to Your Operations

When productivity is on the line, we deliver solutions with minimal disruption to your existing operations. Time and money are vital in manufacturing—and we help you save on both. We offer you a comprehensive package of critical capabilities in-house, making project coordination simple. Avoid unnecessary downtime with our team of project experts who will seamlessly integrate new equipment, infrastructure, and processes into your current operations. We’ll fast-track your projects without compromising best practices.

Optimize Efficiency and Maximize Productivity

Optimizing your manufacturing operation’s efficiency starts at the facility level. No two industrial manufacturing facilities are the sameso we get to know you and your facility and create solutions tailored to your needs. We’ll help evaluate how you can enhance your facility’s performance, whether you’re modifying, upgrading, or replacing facility infrastructure and equipment. And we’ll ensure a seamless transition that won’t interrupt your current operations. Our team will also assess and adjust your internal processes to help maximize the productivity of your operations.

We’ll take your project from concept to completion with our complete array of in-house capabilities, from project definition and Front End Loading development to project and program management to system and process workflow definition and construction management.

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