Superb Science Combined with Practical Experience

Incorporating the needs of science into our project solutions has long been Merrickā€™s approach. In these days of ebola and avian flu outbreaks, bioterrorism, and major innovations in disease prevention and control, the need for efficient, safe, and secure science has grown.

For nearly 30 years, Merrick has provided solutions for science through our work in facilities and lab design, operations and transition planning, forensic and certification assessments, and biosafety and biosecurity.

Our designs always consider the environmental footprints of laboratories and seek sustainable solutions.

Make your call to Merrick today and see how we can help with your life science needs.


Merrick provides high quality services in the federal life sciences market space, including biological containment and other laboratory facilities and complexes; BSL-3, BSL-3Ag, and BSL-4 labs; vivaria; and other research facilities.


Merrick works closely with our university and private clients to design and commission facilities where science drives the design.

Private Industry

Merrick covers all private industry life science needs from planning through commissioning/validation. We create exceptional operations and facilities.

Biosafety & Biosecurity

Our biosecurity consulting division helps eliminate the gap between facilities and practice. We are the first firm to offer clients end-to-end scientific and engineering consulting. Merrick provides peerless expertise to ensure you have a true biorisk management program, protecting your laboratory workers.

Global Health Security

Merrick provides a complete range of services to help communities prevent, detect, and respond to health security threats around the globe.

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