Delivering the Right Infrastructure Solution

Merrick’s infrastructure team moves exciting projects from the planning phase to construction. We understand current funding challenges and the increasing need to develop new solutions to challenges. The Merrick team works with local and federal governments, private sector clients, land developers, utilities, special districts, and redevelopment authorities to develop the right solution to meet your needs.

With expertise across all phases of infrastructure work, we know we can deliver solutions for you. Contact us to learn how.


Since 1955, Merrick has provided the transportation industry with surveying, geospatial, and civil engineering solutions – from planning and design through construction management. Merrick is experienced in roadway and street design, intersection planning, arterial street improvements and construction support.

Land Development

The in-house land development team at Merrick delivers residential, commercial, mixed use, and industrial projects. We build a hands-on partnership with private sector clients, many of whom are repeat business.  We have expertise in infrastructure master planning and implementation, landscape architecture, land planning, civil engineering, and commercial development. We also offer geospatial and LiDAR services, including drones (UASs).


Merrick offers a full spectrum of water engineering services to provide clients with the solutions to last the life of their project. We plan, program, design, and provide construction management. We assist metro communities and water and sanitation districts, as well as provide hydrology/hydraulics to infrastructure projects.

Whitewater and River Surf Parks

We get excited when Merrick clients turn to us to design whitewater and river surf parks. Our whitewater team designs in-channel, out-of-channel, diversion, recirculating, and self-contained whitewater courses. The courses we design are a hit with visitors and drive revenue. Merrick also loves to design river surf parks–the future of inland surfing.

Transportation Mapping

We provide full-service transportation mapping, including traditional surveying, aerial lidar and mapping, and full-service subsurface utility engineering. We’ll support you through every step of transportation mapping so you can make informed decisions about your project.

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