Effective Water Resource Management Supports Communities

Merrick provides a full spectrum of water engineering services to deliver the right solutions to meet clients’ needs. We have expertise in everything from planning and programming to analysis to design and construction management services. We partner with cities and water and sanitation districts to solve their problems, not just complete their projects.

When your next water project looms large, contact the experts at Merrick to see how we can make your idea a reality.

The Right Water Solutions to Meet Your Needs


Our drainage and flood control projects balance protection of property with practical restoration of streams and drainageways.

Potable Water Treatment/Distribution and Wastewater Collection/Treatment

We approach our clients problems from a systems standpoint. Our services include planning, analysis, design, regulatory management, and construction management of the full cycle of water supply and disposal.

Hydrographic Survey

Merrick offers the latest technology and expertise in hydrographic survey, including multi-beam LiDAR that can perform both hydrographic and bathometric surveys simultaneously.

Sustainable Storm Water Management and Flood Control

Merrick helps clients address challenges of aging infrastructure, increased regulations, and ongoing land development. We specialize in planning, design, and construction of drainage and flood control projects, river/stream stabilization, water supply intakes, diversions, and hydrologic/hydraulic studies.

Sustainable Storm Water Management

Efficient Water and Wastewater Systems

Adequate and efficient water and wastewater systems are a must for our clients so they can meet the needs of their customers. Our clients face many challenges – demand for increased capacity, aging infrastructure, new technologies, and increasing environmental regulation. Merrick has completed hundreds of water transmission and distribution and sanitary sewer and wastewater systems. We design efficient systems for our clients, integrating water and wastewater components for supply, treatment, service areas, storage, pump stations, and lift stations.

Leading the Way with Innovations

Merrick’s geospatial and survey team is innovating the way we collect data underwater. From multi-beam LiDAR to unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), our hydrographic survey capabilities are state-of-the-art. The USVs, our newest innovation, map shallow, murky areas along the shore where larger survey vessels are too expensive or impractical.

Innovative Water Projects Meet Clients’ Needs

Clients turn to us for innovative water, sanitation, and drainage solutions. Our award-winning teams focus on master planning, asset management, design of collection and distribution systems, and treatment plants. We have developed a range of successful industrial and municipal water projects. We’re experts in urban drainage and flood control, river restoration, fish passages, and river recreational facilities.

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