Life Sciences Contacts

Merrick President, Life Sciences Operations
Brad Andersen, RA, PMP
Vice President
TEL: +1 303-751-0741
Director of Commissioning Services
Gilles Tremblay, CET
TEL: +1 613-592-5289

Director of Laboratory Planning & Programming
Sandy Ellis, RA
TEL: +1 613-592-5289

Director of Business Development
Jennifer Harms
TEL: +1 703-581-2142
Latin America, Merrick México
Luis Linares, M.Arch., BEDS, BA
Vicepresidente Merrick México
TEL: +52 (55)

Director of Laboratory Design
Paul Langevin, PEng
TEL: +1 613-592-5289

Director of Life Sciences Engineering
Chris Kiley, PE
TEL: +1 678-281-0997

Director of Laboratory Operations
Ross Graham, DVM, MPH, PhD
TEL: +1 703-680-6086