Access to Highly Specialized Experts

Merrick understands the value that highly specialized experts with practical expertise bring to the challenging projects our clients face. To fill this need, we formed two consulting panels: one for our energy clients and one for our life sciences clients. These panels bring additional industry expertise from outside of Merrick and are offered to our clients on an as needed basis.

Our experts are ready to help on your next project. Let’s talk about what’s possible.

The Merrick Consultancy

Delivering Energy Solutions

The Merrick Consultancy (TMC) is a service we offer our energy clients. TMC has saved clients millions of dollars by getting to the heart of the problem and quickly finding the right solution. Merrick’s consultants have many years of individual and cumulative knowledge and experience in a wide range of technical areas, from decision and risk and techno-economic modeling to process separations and industrial wastewater treatment.


Consulting Advisory Board

Bring Value to Life Sciences

Access to the best thought-leadership and laboratory operations expertise available helps our clients address some of the most complex issues facing life sciences today. To fulfill this need, Merrick’s Biosafety and Biosecurity Consulting Advisory Board (CAB) offers expertise in biosafety, biosecurity, threat management, developing technologies, law enforcement, and international issues. The CAB performs the following functions:

  • Addresses BS&S issues and raises awareness
  • Serves as a hub for thought-leadership publications
  • Hosts and leads educational community events
  • Provides technical support to our clients
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