End-to-End Scientific Engineering Consulting

Merrick is the only company in the world that offers a full suite of laboratory design and commissioning services coupled with an elite program of operational, biosafety, and biosecurity services.

Our team is uniquely poised with credentialed biosafety professionals and threat-management industry leaders to create a seamless approach to risk-based biosafety and threat-based biosecurity solutions. Whether you are planning a new facility, or want to improve your existing program, our Laboratory Operations, Biosafety, and Biosecurity team can help.

Our expertise is broad and deep. Let us help you arrive at solutions for your newest challenges.

Keeping Workers Safe and Science Secure

Merrick assists our clients with all aspects of biosafety and biosecurity, from program review to lab design.

We deliver excellence in:

  • Laboratory Design Reviews and Consulting
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity Management Program Reviews and Augmentation
  • Institutional Committee Support and Consulting
  • Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability-Based Assessments
  • Custom Biosafety and Biosecurity Training

COVID-19 Response, Recovery, and Sustainability

Merrick has developed a risk-based approach to help institutions return to and remain in operation during the recovery stages of a pandemic. Our model employs biorisk management, public health, epidemiology, threat management, analyses of environmental/institutional conditions, facility investigations, and pathways of possible exposure to identify and mitigate the risk of exposure to infectious disease. The result is a site-specific risk assessment drawing strongly from the public health domain. Merrick can also help your institution adopt and adapt these methodologies to provide for sustained risk management as the pandemic evolves.

Specifically, Merrick provides:

  • Assessments of campuses, dormitories, classrooms, and administrative offices
  • Rapid transition and transformation of facilities to accommodate vaccine production
  • Biosafety program reviews and augmentation for clinical and diagnostic laboratories
  • Principles of sustainable disinfection and decontamination
  • Integrated risk, threat, and vulnerability analyses specific to COVID-19 and pandemic agents
  • Operational programming for colleges, universities, commercial spaces, and healthcare operations
  • Tailored training programs for biorisk management
  • On-call and sustained institutional committee support for COVID-19 response and recovery

Program Reviews and Support

Merrick’s team has worked with academic, industrial, and government institutions in the U.S. and more than 50 countries to build and augment critical biosafety and biosecurity programs.

Whatever your need, our team can give you the expert advice needed to make sure your program is the best it can be.

Laboratory Design Reviews and Consulting

In addition to program-level support, Merrick’s experts can also review and assess your laboratory with regard to biosafety and biosecurity. We can then work with you to suggest alterations or improvements to minimize risks, keeping your workers safe and your science secure.

Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability-Based Assessment

Merrick’s biosafety and biosecurity experts can analyze all aspects of your program and lab to assess and identify any safety or security risks. We’ll consider every activity and procedure that involves infectious-disease agents, too.

Biosafety and Biosecurity Training

Merrick will also design customized biosafety and biosecurity training for your staff. Our team has taught biosafety and biosecurity at the university level as well as implemented programs and operations at a functional level. We will leverage this experience to train your staff to understand and follow all biosafety and biosecurity protocols.

Consulting Advisory Board

Merrick offers our clients access to our Consulting Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB’s expert advice in all aspects of biosafety and biosecurity helps our clients solve the most challenging issues facing life sciences today.

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