US Military Mission is Our Mission

Delivering the Right Solution

From multi-building campuses to secure facilities, from mission critical to mission support projects, Merrick delivers sustainable solutions that meet our military and government clients’ needs for resiliency, readiness, and reliability. Merrick is your complete architecture, engineering, design- build, surveying, planning, and geospatial solutions partner.

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More than 30 years delivering for US clients


Merrick designed NORTHCOM, the Homeland Security addition to the NORAD headquarters.

Training Facilities

Merrick designed the dormitories, classrooms, and dining facilities for the airmen training complex at Joint Base Lackland Air Force Base.

Mission Support

Merrick’s LiDAR airfield safety assessment enhanced safety at Dobbins Air Reserve Base.

Mission Critical

Merrick’s HEMP shielding protects critical facilities from electro-magnetic pulse.

Supporting Operations

Merrick is committed to supporting reliable and resilient operations for our US Government clients. We successfully deliver a variety of operations facilities including headquarters, company operations facilities (COFs), and hangars to accommodate aircraft such as the KC-46A refueling tanker. Merrick also provides geospatial and survey services, including air field safety assessments using LiDAR.

Supporting Operations

Enabling Mission Support

Merrick’s mission support services include fire- crash-rescue stations, dining facilities, fitness centers, child development centers, barracks and visiting quarters, warehouses, and horizontal infrastructure projects.

Designing Training Facilities

Merrick provides adaptable engineering and architecture services for every aspect of training facilities, including classrooms, ranges, and combined arms training facilities. We have designed nearly $300 million in training facilities and ranges. Our training facilities welcome all who are incoming, from officers to new recruits.

Mission Support and Operations

Supporting Mission Critical Projects

Our team provides nimble and flexible support for complex mission critical and security projects, including data centers, access control points, communications facilities, and radomes to name a few. We design high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) shielding to protect critical infrastructure and are designing projects for ballistic missile defense.

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