JBSA-Lackland Dining Classroom Facilities (DCF)

USACE Fort Worth District | Lackland Air Force Base, TX

As part of a multi-year project to expand, update and increase efficiency of JBSA-Lackland’s Basic Military Training (BMT) facilities, Merrick has designed four Dining Classroom Facilities (DCF). Each DCF fulfills the unique purpose of serving as both dining hall and classroom education space for two BMT squadrons.

The Merrick Architecture team pushed innovation and building technology for the DCF by incorporating contradictory functions of a commercial kitchen and dining space, dry-cleaning service and a quiet classroom environment. A DCF supports a steady flow of up to 2,400 dining patrons. To maximize service rate and pedestrian flow, the dining area has four serving lines.

For both sound control and to avoid conflict with the dining areas, squadron classrooms are on the two upper levels of the building. Sixteen classrooms provide capacity for 160 students each. Above the classrooms, Merrick selected highly insulated, steep metal roofs to facilitate efficient, durable drainage with the necessary volume to enclose mechanical equipment.

Additional design creativity and engineering acumen were required of Merrick to balance function, durability and sustainability. Installed finishes withstand tough and frequent usage. Merrick met the challenge by designing the DCF components with the fewest number of elements possible. Structural stadium seating in the classrooms facilitate learning; insulated precast concrete wall panels provide an efficient, sturdy envelope. On the interior, enhanced air filtration, efficient HVAC and lighting systems, and building automation are all features to help achieve a LEED Silver Certifiable facility.

Merrick designed the Lackland DCF buildings in harmony with the campus master plan and adjacent Airmen Training Complex. Pedestrian walkways are placed strategically at building perimeters to enable trainee circulation to the dining areas and classrooms, maintain optimal egress capacity and minimize disruption.


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USAF Design Awards – 2016 Honor Award

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