Translating Science Into Solutions

Our Science & Technology team is your advocate as you navigate the process of planning, designing, commissioning, or transitioning your life sciences facility; planning science operations; and training staff. Our team is comprised of experienced scientists and professionals who have worked in laboratories and facilities around the world and understand the unique challenges you face. We provide you with custom, cutting-edge scientific and technological solutions, drawing from experience working with complex facilities and organizations across the world.

We’ll also work alongside you to prevent, detect, and respond to global health threats.

Expertise in:

Our team is made up of global leaders who are passionate about finding scientifically backed solutions, with expertise in epidemiology; veterinary medicine; public health; biotechnology; biochemistry; infectious diseases; immunology; biosafety and biosecurity; IT and cybersecurity; risk and threat management; regulatory compliance and quality management; and more. We’re passionate about working with you to create innovative and sustainable solutions that put science first. We deliver excellence in:

Science-Backed Solutions & Designs

Support Throughout Your Institution’s Life Cycle

Expert Advisory & Training Services

Science, Operations & Transition Planning

Change is difficult—especially when you establish, move, or alter laboratory programs. It can be overwhelming, and your staff may not have the time or experience necessary to plan and facilitate the process. That’s where Merrick comes in: our experts have supported transitions across a variety of organizations and facilities. We’ll help your laboratory achieve full operations and capabilities efficiently, so that you can keep doing the real work.

Biosafety & Biosecurity

Whether you’re planning a new facility or want to improve your existing biosafety and biosecurity program, our team of credentialed biosafety professionals and threat-management industry leaders can help. We’ll work with you to create risk-based biosafety and threat-based biosecurity solutions for your facility or program.

We offer you support in:

  • Laboratory design reviews and consulting
  • Biosafety & biosecurity management program reviews & augmentation
  • Institutional committee support & consulting
  • Risk, threat, & vulnerability-based assessments
  • Custom biosafety and biosecurity training

Life Sciences Staff Augmentation Support

Not only can we help you plan your laboratory operations, but we’ll also work alongside you to help you meet your program goals. Do you have a capacity or capabilities gap? We’ll help bridge those organizational gaps. Is your program struggling to maintain program knowledge continuity? We’ll help you maintain that continuity during program growth or transition. Our team members offer specialized support for the duration of your needs.

Our support for you extends to:

  • Laboratory augmentation
  • Program planning and management
  • Equipment selection
  • Technology integration

Fit-for-Purpose Training & Resources

Your facility can’t operate without a confident and well-trained staff. That’s why we approach training differently—we strive to develop and empower laboratory leaders through an active learning approach. Our diverse range of training professionals work with you to design custom solutions for your training needs.

If you’re not yet ready to start your new training program, check out our free Biosafety & Biosecurity Resource and Reference Library.

When you’re ready to get started on a more tailored solution, give us a call.

Strategic Advisory Services

Whether you’re beginning to plan the design, construction, upgrade, or renovation of a laboratory, we’re ready to help. Our strategic advisory services are here to support you at any stage in your institution’s life cycle.

Unsure of where to start? We’ll work with you to create a plan through our Smart Start program, designed to help your institution move forward with the initial stages of laboratory project planning in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Ready to get started?

We also offer you a wealth of resources through our Biosafety & Biosecurity Consulting Advisory Board (CAB), our network of global life sciences experts and advisors.

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