Cutting-Edge Geospatial Solutions

Merrick’s geospatial solutions deliver the expert data collection, management, and analysis that drive projects across all disciplines in all our markets—from transportation to energy and everything in between.

Contact us to learn how we’ve arrived at the leading edge of geospatial services, and how we use the latest technology, software, and techniques to help you make decisions with confidence.

Data Collection

We offer high-quality remote sensing services to deliver accurate data that you need to make decisions. Merrick offers high-resolution imagery, LiDAR, hyperspectral, and terrestrial high-density scanning. Merrick tailors our data collection to our clients’ needs so you have a comprehensive data that works for you. We expertly capture and process these datasets from our fixed-wing and helicopter-mounted sensor platforms.

Our LiDAR sensors are the most advanced on the market, and we’re one of the first commercial geospatial firms in North America to offer a simultaneous, multi-sensor data collection system featuring LiDAR, a hyperspectral imager, and a digital camera. One of our latest offerings is use of an unmanned aerial system to gather information cost effectively in small areas.

Data Processing and Management

Merrick’s data processing and management services provide the most-accurate picture of your data. We develop customized applications tailored to your information and program requirements. Many of our clients distribute GIS data to user groups over the internet or intranet, and we will assist and guide you through the complexities of this process.

Merrick’s GIS application specialists think beyond the traditional delivery of mapping data to assist clients in making the best data-based decisions possible with the most accurate information available.

Data Processing and Management

Geospatial Work in Texas


Merrick holds a Texas Department of Information Resources (TX-DIR) contract to provide geospatial services. This cooperative purchasing contract provides substantial pricing discounts to offer Texas state agencies and political subdivisions the most cost-effective information resources. All governmental entities in Texas are eligible, including state agencies, universities, and political subdivisions. Public entities outside of Texas also may be eligible to use this contract.

To obtain quotes, place purchase orders, or for more information about the Merrick & Company DIR-CPO-4502, contact us at 303-353-3901.

Software and Products

Merrick offers several software products available for download that will assist with your geospatial data, including our proprietary MARS® software developed through our extensive experience with geospatial solutions. Merrick is also a licensed distributor for the Euclideon Geoverse software suite.

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