Waste to Energy Plant Retrofit

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To improve operations at a waste-to-energy plant, Merrick provided engineering, geospatial, construction management, and commissioning services to retrofit an existing biofuels operating plant that recycles biosolids for five municipalities by converting their biosolids into renewable solid fuel. This renewable fuel is used by local cement kilns as an environmentally sound alternative to coal.

Merrick’s unique engineering solutions allowed the plant to continue operations during installation for all but two weeks. The project was fast-tracked to meet funding milestones. After the successful retrofit, the facility surpassed capacity and emissions goals.

The plant modifications included the following:

  • Installing a baghouse and replacing the regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) in the air pollution control system
  • Increasing the capacity of the wastewater treatment system
  • Replacing the low NOx burner in the HTF heater
  • Implementing new secondary containment and storm management systems for storm water control

Merrick also performed the as-built survey using the most advanced terrestrial LiDAR technology available. A high resolution, phased-based LiDAR sensor was deployed to map portions of the Bypass Unit. Terrestrial LiDAR allowed for the detailed data extraction of structural steel, piping networks, and infrastructure found in the plant processing environment. Merrick’s field surveyors captured more than 50 scan positions to extract a three-dimensional (3D) solid model.


Construction Management;Engineering;Geospatial;
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