Jupiter Sulfur Facility Arc Flash Study and Electrical Power System Analysis

Tessenderlo Kerley Services (TKS) | Billings, Montana

As part of an electrical equipment upgrade at the Juniper Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU), Merrick worked with TKS to provide an electrical power system analysis and arc flash study. When electrical components are added to an existing system, the documentation of the system must also be upgraded. As part of that documentation, the arc flash study produces labels warning of the hazards and providing guidance for personal protective equipment (PPE) for the various electrical components. Though TKS was working diligently towards a fast-approaching deadline, they were quickly running out of time. To alleviate this schedule crunch, TKS contracted with Merrick to perform the following:

  • Arc flash study
  • Load flow study
  • Short circuit study
  • Protective coordination study

Merrick worked with TKS to gather the required data and develop the electrical model using the ETAP software. The resulting report detailed the analysis and created the associated arc flash labels that showed the incident energy and required PPE for each major piece of electrical equipment in the field.

TKS’s key concern was schedule, and availability of required information proved to be the biggest schedule challenge. To meet this demanding construction schedule, Merrick completed the various portions as they were required and submitted the initial findings on a schedule that was acceptable to TKS.


Arc Flash Study;Electrical Engineering;
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