Confidential Sustainable Food Project

Merrick is designing a food ingredient facility for a market leading confidential sustainable food client to support the client’s need to increase production and support demand in the fast-growing industry. Merrick’s responsibilities include complete engineering services for the process and facility design. The process includes sterile, aerobic fermentation and proprietary downstream processing.

In addition, Merrick is supporting the design of our customer’s proprietary fermentation system. We are using our expertise in integrating equipment packages and ensuring 3A sanitary standards are met. We are employing specially designed CIP systems and steam sterilization systems to clean process equipment and piping systems. The downstream processing includes washing, separation, filtration, spray drying, refrigerated storage, and bulk bag packaging.

The system design will include the services and utilities connections necessary to support safe and continuous operation of the facility. The system will have electrical, instrument, and controls components commensurate with safe, reliable operations, and compatible with relevant codes and standards.


Architecture;consulting;Engineering; engineering; architecture; consulting
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