MARS® Software

The Merrick Advanced Remote Sensing (MARS®) software suite is a comprehensive, production-grade Windows application designed to visualize, manage, process and analyze LiDAR point cloud data.

The MARS® software suite is designed for 64-bit Windows operating systems and provides powerful LiDAR filtering, editing and data management functions. Version 8.0 highlights a completely new, redesigned interface with tools organized into intuitive ribbon groups. With over 100 new features and enhancements as well as many bug fixes, MARS® Version 8.0 is designed to improve data throughput and automation efficiency. Furthermore, MARS® also supports all versions of the ASPRS LAS file format specification including Version 1.4.

MARS® 2017 coming soon!

QC Module
  • Now provides automated reporting for the USGS NGP Lidar Base Specification Version 1.2, including a very rigorous LAS 1.4 file checker which tests for compliance, file integrity, and robust reporting of LAS 1.4 attribute information
  • Now includes an automated data check process intended to be used for quick review of airborne collected LiDAR data before the calibration stage.  This focuses on system integrity, data coverage, and more.
  • Now includes a calibration check process intended to be used to report on a variety of airborne LiDAR relative accuracies including inbound/outbound, channel to channel, and swath to swath relative accuracy calibration checks
LAS version 1.4 handling
  • Improved support for LAS 1.4 data processing
  • Improved WKT CRS data handling for LAS 1.4
  • Improved support for LAS 1.4-bit flag processes and interdependencies
Control / Checkpoint reporting
  • A major overhaul of the control/checkpoint report GUI tool to be in line with ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards for Digital Geospatial Data and the USGS NGP Lidar Base Specification Version 1.2
  • Robust handling and reporting of both control points and checkpoints with robust statistics for NVA and VVA type points
Application Improvements
  • Significant improvement in stability of on the fly TIN generation, refreshing, and display
  • Robust session logging
  • Many bug fixes to improve performance and stability

Software Download

Current Version: 8.0.6
Release Date:
April 7, 2016

MARS® Release Notes

Note - this installer can be used for both new and upgrade installations. A follow-up email will be sent with FreeView and Explorer Evaluation  instructions, which can be disregarded by those on permanent licensing.


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