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$850M Geospatial Products and Services Contract Awarded by USGS


The Merrick-Surdex Joint Venture (JV) has been awarded a recompete contract (GPSC IV) for a five-year, $850 million Geospatial Product and Services Contract (GPSC) with the United States Geological Survey (USGS). GPSC is a suite of contracts used by federal, state, and municipal government entities to partner with USGS for the purpose of fulfilling their geospatial data requirements. 

“I feel that our exceptional quality and ability to exceed project schedules on GPSC III tasks put us in a very good position for the recompete. GPSC IV tasks will be a bit different with new services and technologies required to meet USGS program goals. Merrick-Surdex stands ready to again exceed our clients’ expectations,” said Kasey Brown, GPSC III project lead and marketing director of government solutions at Merrick & Company. 

The contract will be administered through the USGS-National Geospatial Technical Operations Center (NGTOC) to obtain geospatial data services throughout the United States and its territories. The contract will also be used to support the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) and by other federal, state, and local agencies. Contract services provided will include, but are not limited to: imagery and LiDAR data acquisition; various remote sensing collection and processing; photogrammetric mapping; aerotriangulation; orthophotography; thematic mapping; geographic information systems development; surveying and control acquisition; image manipulation, analysis, and interpretation; map digitizing; data manipulations; primary and ancillary data acquisition; metadata production and revision; and the production or revision of geospatial products defined by formal and informal specifications and standards. 

About the Merrick-Surdex JV 

Merrick & Company (, an engineering, architecture, design-build, surveying, planning, and geospatial solutions firm, serves domestic and international clients in the energy, national security, life sciences, and sustainable infrastructure markets. The employee-owned company maintains offices in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. 

Surdex Corporation ( is a photogrammetric engineering firm providing digital orthophotography, GIS basemapping, and LiDAR services, developing mapping solutions and data management for economic and industrial development, land use, planning, EMS, resource management, tax assessment, and health and human services. 

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