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Biosecurity and Threat Management: Webinar Series


A New Paradigm for Laboratory Management Systems

Recorded Webinar, Video 1 of 4:

Biosafety remains a foundational element of laboratory programs, drawing from science-based risk assessments and mitigation. However, risks presented by the biological agents are often not adequately addressed by the complementary function of threats to those agents. A common vulnerability with laboratory biorisk management programs remains inadequate biosecurity programs that extend beyond requirements of the Federal Select Agent Program. Therefore, institutions that works with dangerous or valuable biological assets (cells, animals, viruses, vaccines, therapeutics) will benefit from “Biosecurity and Threat Management: A New Paradigm for Laboratory Management Systems.” This webinar will highlight the difference between biosafety (risks) and biosecurity (threats). Using topical scenarios, this webinar will provide instruction toward the design and execution of a bio-threat assessment process. Further, this course will illustrate strategies and tactics for integrating threat management into existing laboratory management systems (e.g., EHS, Research Compliance, Animal Care and Use, etc.). 

Free webinar presented by Ryan N. Burnette, PhD, Director, Biosafety & Biosecurity Programs, Merrick & Company.

Is this webinar for you?

  • Biorisk management personnel at academic, industrial, government institutions
  • Research and regulatory compliance
  • Research leaders
  • EHS personnel
  • Infectious disease professionals
  • Students of biorisk management
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