Globeville Landing Outfall

The City and County of Denver | Denver, CO

With no open drainage channel and undersized stormwater infrastructure, the Montclair drainage basin, the largest in the Denver area, was prone to extensive surface flooding during rainfalls greater than a two-year storm event. This flooding had significant impacts to residences, businesses, railroad tracks, and even I-70. While an ideal approach would have been constructing an open channel that could convey a 100-year flow to the South Platte River at Globeville Landing Park, this solution was not an option in this heavily developed area that lacked open space.

Instead, the City of Denver chose an open more natural outfall that would improve water quality and also increase open space within the existing Globeville Landing Park. To meet these needs, the Merrick Team designed 4,500 linear feet of concrete conduit (8’x8’ to triple 10’x7’ boxes) to carry stormwater in a 100-year event under 17 freight train tracks, two heavy commuter rails, Brighton Blvd., the Pepsi Bottling Co. property and through an existing Superfund site on the Denver Coliseum property.

The project was a collaboration with Denver Parks and the community to completely renovate and update the existing park as part of the outfall improvements. The reconstructed park features active play areas, expansive lawn areas for recreational activities, multiple bike and pedestrian paths, outdoor seating and shaded gathering places, access to the river, and improved safety and visibility of the park. Globeville Landing Outfall and Park not only conveys stormwater, but it has become a community gathering place.


Civil Engineering;Wastewater; Engineering (Conceptual, Preliminary, and Final Design)
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